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Mobile Pet Grooming

Covering the areas of :
Salisbury. Amesbury.
Warminster. Shaftesbury.
Frome. Wesbury. Trowbridge.

Puppies and Dogs

Puppy Intro Session ~ £30

Just for puppies in their early stages of life to introduce them to the experience of being professionally groomed.

This is a fun grooming session where we introduce your puppy slowly and carefully to a bath, blow dry, ear clean, hygiene trim and face trim. 

We use natural, mild puppy shampoo, lots of praise, treats, cuddles and reassurance all the way through the groom training, perfect for these little fur-babies to start off their grooming days happy and confident.

Pamper Bath ~ £30

A wash & dry with amazing results that can transform your smelly fur-baby into a lovely clean, pleasant smelling dog.

This service is suitable for short haired dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes and really helps to remove a lot of loose fur that would otherwise end up in your home.

Ear clean and nail trim included.

~ Full Groom ~

Small/med ~ £40 : Large ~ £60 : Giant ~ £80

This bespoke service is the full works with clipping/styling which are done to your choice of pet, breed or custom styles and includes all of the following as required for your dogs breed and coat :

~ Bathing ~ Drying ~
~ Clipping ~ Scissoring ~ De-shed ~
~ Ears tidied & cleaned ~ Eyes cleaned ~ Hygiene trim ~
~ Nails trimmed ~ Paw pads trimmed ~
~ Minor mat removal ~

Full Groom Handstrip

Terrier ~ £50

A full groom with hand-stripping of the coat for those with wire coats only. 

Wire haired dogs should be stripped or clipped on a regular basis to keep their coats in optimal condition. Stripping is a process that removes old and faded hairs from the dog’s coat, which leaves room for new hair to grow. We only use our hands to strip out the coat and will shave off delicate areas. By listening to your dog's body language, we can tell when it finds stripping uncomfortable and will stop in that area.