Bubble Boutique
Mobile Pet Grooming

Bepsoke Dog and Cat grooming service.
We travel to you.

Salisbury & Romsey area

Bubble Boutique Mobile Pet Grooming provides you with a convenient home visit of a fully fitted, state of art mobile grooming salon, that contains everything required to fully bathe, clean, dry and groom your dog/cat.

We offer a range of bespoke services from a basic pamper bath to full grooms and teeth cleaning for all breeds/sizes. We always offer a 1-to-1 service where your pet is the only pet, so they always receive 100% attention. This is a lot more desirable for nervous, timid, shy and elderly pets providing a calm, less stressful experience for your dog/cat. However if you have 2 small dogs that would be better kept together then we can have both in the van at the same time as long as this does not cause any inconvenience to the groomer.